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Anemia Tests - Red blood cell count, etc.
Liver Disease Test - Albumin, Total bilirubin, etc.
Diabetes Tests - Glucose/Hemoglobin A1C
Coronary/Heart Disease Tests - Cholesterol, etc.
Kidney Disease Tests - BUN, Creatine




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Fulcrum Clinical Laboratory is a solutions oriented cooperation which utilizes laboratory technology to positively impact your everyday business operations. We work with you and for you to develop solutions which proactively address your company's current and future laboratory needs.

Our team of laboratory professionals has as average of 20 years of experience and are dedicated to raising the standard of care in health care facilities. We realize that there is room for improvement between Patient Care facilities and Clinical laboratories. Our goal is to work feverishly to improve communication while providing laboratory results of the highest quality.

We strongly believe that this will allow for patient care providers to focus solely on their areas of expertise which will ultimately improve efficieny. In short, our goal is to help you serve your patients better, increase your product and increase the profitability of your company.

Fulcrum Clinical Laboratory provides services, to physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities as well as direct patient services through phlebotomy.

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